About Us

Onlineconvey is a system designed by an enthusiastic young team of conveyancing and IT specialists. We are aware of the growing pressures on the legal profession to become more open and accessible to consumers. We designed this system to meet the need for transparency and innovation. Consumer buying patterns are changing rapidly (ask a retailer) and the public now have more confidence in using the Internet for a range of goods and services.

Onlineconvey is designed with this trend in mind. For most people, buying or selling a house is the only time they deal with solicitors and we aim to make the whole process more inclusive for the consumer and more efficient for solicitors, estate agents, lenders and brokers. We are confident that our online system will meet the needs of solicitors and their clients for open communication and smooth transactions.

Onlineconvey will strive to meet the highest standards of performance and we are constantly seeking improvements that will anticipate our clients’ needs. As with any innovation, there are bound to be questions, please feel free to ask us for any information about Onlineconvey.