Estate Agent

In such a competitive market you’ll need to focus on the next sale rather than dealing with stressed out buyers/sellers already in the pipeline. Onlineconvey allows you to view all your transactions at a glance and see which solicitors have submitted quotes, ordered searches and followed up requests. This will help you build a handy ‘league table’ of firms in your area, that you are happy to recommend.

Consumers are using the Internet to find houses, buy cars and book holidays. With Onlineconvey they can get online quotes and track the progress of their own house purchase at any time from their own computer Onlineconvey lets you keep them in the loop with SMS and email updates, freeing you to concentrate on new business.. The whole procedure from instruction to completion is transparent and easy to follow.

From 1st June 2007 Home Information Packs become a legal requirement. Onlineconvey offers a simple solution to creating HIPS that will meet all requirements.

Contact us to find out how your agency can benefit from Onlineconvey. Once you’ve seen the range of functions and ease of use you’ll be happy to recommend us to your local solicitors. Ring us today to arrange a demonstration.





“Online Convey allows you to view all your transactions at a glance”